Do you practice "Safe Guest"?

Every Guest Should Give You WRITTEN Consent!

Don't allow your guests to control how you create and distribute your show.

Savvy media producers always have guests sign a release.

Ever wonder why?

Using a release allows you (and only you) to decide how your show is edited, distributed, and monetized.

Without a release, a disgruntled former guest could:

  • Demand you edit their episodes a particular way
  • Demand payment for the continued right to distribute your show
  • Demand you remove their episodes from your feed
  • Issue a DMCA takedown notice to your hosting provider
  • Jeopardize your business
  • Sue you for damages  or an injunction
  • Make your life miserable for months or years.

This one simple step can help you  avoid all the headaches, hassles, and legal fees.



Get Your Free, Podcast Guest Release

Use this lawyer-drafted release agreement with every guest so you can be sure you have the rights necessary to publish, distribute and monetize your podcast.