Common misconception: "I paid for it, so I own it"


One of the most common misconceptions creatives have is the idea that "I paid for it, so I own it".

I get it, ownership usually DOES go with the transaction.

But when you're dealing with creative work, that's just not the case,  The "author" of the work  is the owner... and that means  you can wind up with all kinds of bizarre claims coming at you from out of left field ,when you least expect it.

And actually, that time.. it's usually right after you start to hit it big or get noticed. 

Have you ever noticed how often new, rising stars, seem to wind up having legal hassles?

That's because in their inexperience, they trust everyone, and don't bother to get things in writing, or worse, they sign things without really understanding what they're doing.  The folks with experience, and with solid guidance from professionals... they're the ones who manage to avoid all that trouble.

The right way to do things is to make sure that everyone... and I do mean everyone, who comes in contact with your project has a written contract that outlines their and your rights, obligations, compensation, and so on.

Getting these legal affairs in order doesn't require that you hire expensive lawyers... and it doesn't mean that you should just guess at what's needed and write your own contracts.

Now, it's easier than ever to access affordable information and tools that will help you get everything done the right way.   

Making media without crossing the legal Ts and dotting the Business I's is like driving without auto insurance.  Sure, nobody expects to have a wreck, but when they do... it can be a real disaster. 

So, do you want to keep operating on blind trust and faith that nothing will ever go wrong, or would you like to feel confident that you've covered your bases?

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