Are you podcasting naked?

That’s all fine and good when the economy is strong… but when things start to get tougher that’s when trouble comes for you! You know?

Are you making the same big mistakes that are costing thousands of podcasters time, money, opportunities and big headaches?

I'm talking about podcasting Without the proper legal protections in place. This is the mistake that results in content takedowns, trademark disputes, lawsuits, and even bankruptcies.

You see, whether you're making big budget blockbuster films or the smallest independent podcast, media production is a business. And like any business, there are rules, laws and regulations that must be followed so you stay safe, avoid problems and clear the way to make money from what you're doing.

But how can you follow all those rules if you don't even know what they are? Big media have staff attorneys and law firms on retainer to protect them. You don't. But now there's a better way.

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