Thinking your podcast is only a hobby is a disaster in the making!


Thinking that podcasting is just a hobby, so you don't need to concern yourself with legal matters is a disaster waiting to happen.
I get it... your podcast is something you just started up for kicks, maybe with a friend, and it's super easy to create a show and put it out there... and you're not doing it to make money, right... after all most of those other shows don't have complicated legal structures, contracts, and protections in place, and nothing bad has happened to any of those podcasters.
But is that really true 100% of the time? Can you think of any podcasts that have gone radio-silent? Possibly because they've been accused of plagiarism, threatened or sued over the content they create, or the titles they've chosen, or because the people making the podcast couldn't see eye to eye, and had an unpleasant breakup?
Getting the legal and business affairs for your podcast in order is the best way to avoid problems down the line. And... that doesn't mean you have to hire expensive lawyers or just guess at things and do it yourself.
In fact, it's never been easier or more affordable for podcasters to avoid all the nastiness and get set up the right way.
Making media productions like a podcast without having the legal side of things squared away is a little like driving your car around without auto insurance. Nobody intends to get in a wreck, but that one time it happens can be a catastrophe.
So, do you really want to continue creating your podcast without knowing you've taken the smart precautions to protect yourself and your investment of time, money and passion?
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