During the workshop, you can:
  • Create your ad/sponsorship contract template
  • Get your LLC formation underway.
  • Identify and customize the exact legal forms, templates,  and license agreements you'll need to do things right.
  • Get your intellectual property assets protected.
  • Register your copyrights.
  • Get started filing  trademark registration for your show's title and/or logo.
  • Prepare the contracts between you and  coproducers, co-hosts and contractors.
  • Have a few laughs!
All for a fraction of what you'd spend for even 1 hour of a lawyer's time, advice and help.

Ready to Make Money With Your Podcast?

Stop treating it like a hobby. 
Get your legal and business affairs in order!

Join Gordon Firemark, The Podcast Lawyer™ for this live online workshop.
He will help you:
  • identify the best strategies for operating your podcast business
  • get answers to your legal questions so your business is protected, and
  • get yourself set up for lasting success


Saturday, June 6, 2020 
9:00am (PDT)

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"Gordon's contract templates are simple and easy to use . It really helps to have the step-by-step explanations.  I set mine up in a matter of minutes, and now I can focus on what I really love, making content that grows my audience and income, without worrying about the complicated legal stuff.  Thanks Gordon"
-- Meredith Marsh

Saturday, June 6, 2020
9:00am (PDT)

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