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Calling all digital entrepreneurs

Have you done everything to protect your hard work and investment?


You've heard the horror stories. Entrepreneurs are always exposed to risks.

  • Frivolous lawsuits

  • Bogus refund demands

  • Difficult customers who complain, refuse to pay, or make unreasonable demands

  • Thieves who steal your content

  • Regulations made by regulators who are out-of-touch with modern reality, and impose complicated, unwieldy and expensive requirements on small business owners.

Digital Entrepreneur's Business & Legal Toolkit


You've worked too hard to leave this stuff up to chance.

You've invested so much of your time, energy and financial resources in your business, you've got a business to run, you can't risk costly legal and business mistakes by relying on search engines to get you the right answers.

You could spend a fortune on a team of lawyers...


Or, you could invest in a set of easy-to-use tools that will help you:

  • Get your business organized

  • Make binding, enforceable contracts

  • Protect the fruits of your labor

  • Craft the contracts, policies, and other documents you need to operate legally and effectively.

  • Comply with GDPR, CAN-SPAM and FTC Regulations

  • Save thousands of dollars.


Whether you're a blogger, podcaster, course-creator, website owner, coach or something else, you know you need to do things right. This toolkit has everything you need.


One thing is certain... 

You can't afford NOT to get the legal stuff right.

You can't afford to ignore the legal end of your business... That's a recipe for disaster

Just ask around. You'll hear horror stories of businesses crippled by lawsuits, government action and bogus customer claims.

Some of the biggest names in online business have found themselves on the wrong end of things.

If it can happen to the big guys...

That's right, it can happen to you.

Let's face it  . . .A lawsuit will ruin your day (or year, more likely)

When it comes to this stuff, there are no "small fish". If you're running a business online, it (and you) are a potential target.

How will you fare if a customer or competitor files suit against you?

How will you fare if the FTC comes knocking on your door? (actually, it's more likely to be an FBI agent).

How will your family manage while you spend years defending against claims?

How long will it take you to pay off your legal fees, judgments, and come back from things?

Hi, I'm Gordon Firemark, and I'm a lawyer.

I've practiced business, media and entertainment law for over 26 years.

I'm also a digital entrepreneur, just like you. I've produced digital products, online courses, membership sites, and a couple of successful podcasts.

When I went looking for the legal tools, templates and information I needed for my digital businesses, I was surprised to discover...

There were precious few resources available.

There wasn't anything available, so I developed the solution!

Fortunately, as a lawyer, I had the training and knowhow to research the law, study the business environment, and find the templates needed to start, build and grow a successful digital business. 

And in so doing, I began attracting clients with these needs to my law firm.

But I realized that it's only a select few business owners who have the resources to hire lawyers to handle everything for them. Far more entrepreneurs are bootstrapping things, relying on outdated legal templates and forms, or just ignoring important issues altogether because they can't afford or don't want to hire lawyers.

Which is why I developed

The Digital Entrepreneur's Business & Legal Toolkit

comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-use set of templates, tools, and instructions for any digital business owner, on any budget.

Here's what's inside:



In the first module we examine the various aspects of setting up your business for success and maximum protection from risk.

We explore the various types of business entities: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and help you determine whether and when it's wise to use one of these for your business.

Then we explore licenses, permits, insurance and branding your business, products and services.

This module also provides an overview of the tax landscape for US based online businesses. We examine Federal, State, and Local tax structures, as well as questions about sales tax enforcement on internet sales. But because tax law is an ever-changing field, our coverage here is unlikely to cover everything. So, we strongly recommend you consult with your own accountant or tax adviser before taking any action that could impact your tax planning and liability.


Protecting, Licensing and Using Content

In the second module, we show you how to license third party content for use in your products, and how to protect your own content and other intellectual property. You'll learn the fundamentals of Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks & Trade Secrets.

Then, we go on to address personal rights affecting the use of people's names, likenesses, various forms of invasion of privacy, as well as the rules surrounding libel and slander.


Contracts with vendors, suppliers and others

The third module is a crash course on contracts so you can do a better job of understanding contracts presented to you, negotiate better deals, and draft basic contracts yourself, using our templates and examples.

We also address the process of seeking remedies to deal with breaches, and some common questions dealign with click-wrap, browse-wrap and digital signatures.


Doing Business Online

In this module, you'll find a resource for website Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and other important documents, so you rest easy knowing that your online business is safe, secure, and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

This module also explores special considerations  for sellers of digital products, personal and professional services, and other forms of e-commerce.

This module also examines how government agencies in the US influence digital businesses through application of laws and regulations that make up the alphabet soup: DMCA, COPPA, CANSPAM, GDPR, FTC, SEC and how to comply with everything.


Employees, Contractors & V.A.s

Module four lays out the basic legal aspects of dealing with employees and independent contractors. Whether you're hiring in-house staff, freelancers, or overseas virtual assistants, you need to know how to manage human resources issues, and the best practices for hiring, managing, and firing personnel. 

We also touch on issues of managing payroll, insurance, benefits programs, etc.


  • Get your business organized and set up for legal, tax and insurance purposes.

  • Know when or whether it's time to form a corporation, LLC, Partnership or other form of business entity

  • Make ironclad contracts for dealings with collaborators, joint venturers, vendors, contractors and staff.

  • Get your business order to comply with governmental regulations like GDPR, COPPA, CAN-SPAM, and FTC guidelines.

  • Learn how to create, protect, register and defend intellectual property rights in your brands, products, courses, and materials.

  • Learn key strategies to protect your revenues and minimize your risks

  • Protect your business and family from frivolous lawsuits, bogus claims and intrusive government regulations

  • Feel confident as a business owner

  • Rest peacefully at night knowing you've got your business' legal end covered.

  • Be prepared to respond to legal threats and intimidation tactics from customers, competitors, regulators and their lawyers.

  • Know when to call a lawyer (and how to do so economically) and when it's ok to "fly by the seat of your pants"

When you purchase now, you receive:


Worksheets, Calculators and More so you can prioritize things.


All the model documents you need to get your business in order right now.


Step-by-step instruction for each tool, template or action you need to take

 This amazing toolkit can be yours today for an investment of

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