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Easy Legal For Podcasters

Serious about podcasting as a business?  Stop treating it podcast like a hobby and get your legal and business affairs in order.

All the steps  and resources to get your podcast business set for success in just a few hours.

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Legal Forms For Podcasters

Get your podcast's business and legal affairs squared away, so you're ready to do business like a pro!  Use our affordable, lawyer-drafted contract templates to protect your assets and your business, so you can focus on creating great content 

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Make podcasting your business!

Free community and training with The Podcast Lawyer™,  shows how you can begin building a business around your podcasting endeavors.

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Free Podcast Guest Release Form

Don't allow your guests to control how you create and distribute your show. Download this lawyer-drafted release now!

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Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide (ebook)

The most comprehensive discussion of the law of podcasting available. Written by a veteran entertainment and media lawyer and podcaster.

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Run it By Legal™
Service Plan for Podcasters

Specially Created for Podcasters, this annual subscription gets you the most commonly needed services, templates and advice most commonly required by producers, and distributors of podcasts.

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