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Podcasting like a pro means more than just great audio, good tech, and quality content.  It means treating your podcast like a a pro – Thinking legit, planning  legit,  and behaving legit:  Attitude, Vision, Execution.

I've created a free group specifically to help podcasters find their own pathways to success and growth.

We're sharing strategies, tactics, frameworks and tools to get you podcasting like a pro.  The fast, easy, fun way.

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You will learn:

  • The key traits professionals have that most hobbyists don't.

  • The three fundamental readiness indicators of success.

  • How  (and why) you should treat your podcast as a business, even if you're not looking to make money at it.

  • How to get your legal and business affairs in order and position yourself for success.


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Gordon P. Firemark
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